China Expat Life

Living the American Dream in China!

China Expat Life

Living the American Dream in China!

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” 

Mark Twain
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About Me

Hi, my name is Brenton Freeman! I’m a California transplant living in China. When I first landed here five years ago, I was a lost soul looking for a more interesting life. I had enough money to last a month and not much of a plan.  Now I have a wife, a son, and an English training school that I was able to open with my friends. It’s crazy how life works! 

I love my family, friends, reading, writing, traveling, politics, history, playing sports, and eating. My goal is to inspire others to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. I look forward to using this site to share my experiences with the world! Enjoy!


Learn Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is quickly becoming one of the worlds most important languages! Don’t miss out on profiting from the world’s second largest economy. Take our online course and start learning Chinese today! 

Product Sourcing

Do you have or are you thinking about opening an Amazon or other e-commerce shop? Need help finding products for your small business? You’ve come to the right place! My team and I can help you find and customize the high quality products you need from trustworthy and reliable manufacturers in China!

Find a Job

Would you like to come to China to teach English, but you are afraid of getting scammed by a fly-by-night English school? Have no fear! I can help you find work at honest and reputable schools!


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